High Noon Spice was formulated around a late night bonfire on our farm in Treasure Beach, Jamaica in 2014. Our talk of island folklore and current happenings—amidst the spooky serenity of the night and crackling flame—soon lead to discussions of expanding beyond the grateful role of agricultural supplier to creating our own brand and line of seasonings.

The scent of fresh Scotch Bonnet and Caribbean Red Peppers, along with the open flame created an irresistible aroma that we were determined to savor and share. Not to mention Treasure Beach’s relentless heat which occurs between Noon and 4pm.  High Noon Spice was born.

Our goal is to provide an all-natural product steeped in the basic agricultural practices of Jamaican farming in addition to involvement with local initiatives wherever we have a footprint. The work and processes to get our products to market is hard and tedious. However, the labor during every step is motivated by our customer’s approval, enjoyment and satisfaction.

Savor the Heat!